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  • Lifestyle
    West Cork travel guide + photo diary

    Evening beautiful, as promised I’m back with my West Cork travel guide and photo diary. I kept you all up to...

    The Make Up Fairy18/07/2016
  • Lifestyle
    My top 10 song suggestions

    If you’ve been following me on Snapchat you’ll know that the weather in West Cork has taken a turn for...

    The Make Up Fairy16/07/2016
  • Lifestyle
    Workout from anywhere in the world

    Hello fit fairy followers, this blog is brought to you from stunningly sunny Ballydehob, West Cork. I’m spending some valuable family...

    The Make Up Fairy14/07/2016
  • Beauty
    Jo Malone pamper products

    I’m a massive fan of products that pamper and help you to relax and unwind after a long week. There’s nothing...

    The Make Up Fairy06/07/2016
  • Lifestyle
    How to get through a bad day

    What a miserable Monday out there, somewhat suitable for today’s topic. Bad days, we all get them and they’re far from pleasant....

    The Make Up Fairy04/07/2016
  • Beauty
    Human + Kind facial favourites | Ad

    I recently met with a relatively new brand to the Irish Beauty market. Free from nasty parabens, sulfates and phthalates, vegan...

    The Make Up Fairy01/07/2016
  • Fashion
    ASOS Accessories Haul

    Happy Thursday beauty. I’m back today with another YouTube video featuring some accessories I picked up from ASOS recently. All items...

    The Make Up Fairy30/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    How to deal with hate online

    During the Q&A round of my Athlone workshop over the weekend someone asked me how I deal with hate online. After giving...

    The Make Up Fairy27/06/2016
  • Fashion
    Balenciaga + Tom Ford unboxing

    I personally love unboxing blogs and videos especially when it comes to designer items. I think it’s a really nice way...

    The Make Up Fairy24/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    The Body Shop + British Countryside VLOG

    So I’m back from the UK and I’ve finally edited my first ever VLOG. After time I’m sure I’ll get more...

    The Make Up Fairy22/06/2016
  • Fashion
    My mixed metal must haves

    Happy Monday beautiful. I’m currently in the airport about to board my flight to Birmingham ahead of an exciting press trip....

    The Make Up Fairy20/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    Healthy protein pancakes

    You simply can’t beat pancakes for breakfast, or in my case Saturday brunch. At the weekend I like to make more...

    The Make Up Fairy18/06/2016
  • Beauty
    Crème de la Mer’s Perfecting Treatment

    I recently met with the Crème de la Mer team over in the UK and we ran through some of their...

    The Make Up Fairy17/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    10 Things I’m Thankful For

    Although it’s a miserable Monday and I’m blogging from my bed smothered with laryngitis, I’ve been thinking about the things I’m...

    The Make Up Fairy13/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    How to stay healthy on holidays

    Happy Sunday beautiful, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend (apart from that weather). As promised I’m back with the third and...

    The Make Up Fairy12/06/2016
  • Fashion
    Ibiza Style + Beauty Diary

    As promised I’ve put together an Ibiza style and beauty diary including my most asked about looks, where possible I’ve linked the...

    The Make Up Fairy09/06/2016
  • Lifestyle
    Ibiza Lifestyle Diary

    Sitting in the office on this dull Dublin day it’s safe to say Ibiza blues have well and truly kicked in....

    The Make Up Fairy08/06/2016
  • Fashion
    The perfect pom-pom pieces

    I’m currently sitting on a train ahead of my Tralee masterclass. With almost four hours to kill I’ve finished all admin...

    The Make Up Fairy28/05/2016
  • Lifestyle
    My top tips for staying motivated

    Hello beautiful, today I’m sharing with you my ultimate motivational Monday blog post. Everyday I’m asked the same questions ‘How do...

    The Make Up Fairy23/05/2016
  • Lifestyle
    The cutest affordable home decor

    I’m obsessed with interior design; while I continue to save up for my mortgage I have a folder dedicated to household...

    The Make Up Fairy15/05/2016
  • Fashion
    Marc Jacobs Recruit Collection

    There’s some very exciting things launching in Fairy land this year (you have no idea how hard it is keeping my...

    The Make Up Fairy13/05/2016
  • Beauty
    My everyday make up must haves

    If you guys are following me on Snapchat you’ll know that I regularly mention some of my holy grail products. The...

    The Make Up Fairy13/05/2016
  • Fashion
    H&M Forever Summer 2016

    Happy Monday muffins. Where the hell is our heatwave?! While I was working up a sweat in the gym at lunch...

    The Make Up Fairy09/05/2016
  • Beauty
    A night with Alesha Dixon & Flormar

    Last night the beauty elite arrived at The Crypt, greeted by samba drums, fire throwers, floral wall decor and dancers to celebrate...

    The Make Up Fairy06/05/2016