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What exactly is it you do?

Whether it’s online or on a night out there’s no easy way to answer to this question. ‘I’m a qualified teacher (Montessori & Special Needs), make up artist (Theatrical & Media), model, stylist, public speaker, author, brand owner, blogger and content creator’ is a little long winded and usually leaves people flummoxed. Bloggers and that God forsaken word ‘influencers’ can get a lot of flack for supposedly doing nothing and simply falling into a luxurious life. Sure we create a pretty feed filled with food, fun, trendy new items and travel, which makes it all look so easy. The behind the scenes reality is very different, and although I can only speak for myself, I imagine most people in my industry juggle the below on a daily basis, unless they have a team to help them. I get so many questions from followers who want to become a blogger or are curious what I do on a daily basis, so I figured this may be of interest. One thing I always advise people is to get an education first; always have something to fall back on career wise and treat blogging as a hobby. That way you’re not reliant on it for money and it’s subsidiary to a ‘real’ job. Then, after time you can explore different ways to become your own boss and make a career out of combining a myriad of skill-sets. I would certainly hate to just be considered a blogger – there’s so much more to my career than that and no way I could survive on writing on the internet in isolation. So here’s an example of what a busy day in my life can look like –

  • Meetings. Meetings and more meetings. In person brand meetings, Skype and regular calls. Discussing strategies for the month, learning about new launches or ingredients and arranging activity.
  • Admin. 4 hours spread out per day minimum. Replying to emails, snaps, comments and direct messages on social media. Receiving job bookings from my agents and then passing on activity and insights post job.
  • Accounts. Liaising regularly with my accountant so I can be savvy with my savings. Setting up companies, doing tax returns, invoicing and all of the boring bits in between that come with working for yourself.
  • Reviewing. Everything from food and hotels to beauty products and garments. I’m sent items daily, most of which don’t ever get mentioned. After trying things out for a while I decide what companies I want to work with.
  • Writing. Whether it’s drafting blog posts for my own website, my book, or reviews for exterior publications this takes up a large chunk of my time. This also includes making thumbnails, editing imagery, re-drafting and promoting across social media.
  • Website maintenance. I work closely with a designer on the initial site build, ensuring the load time is speedy and pinning down any security requirements. I then look after the design, layout, and widgets myself.
  • Content creation. Providing beauty, fashion and lifestyle content from daily interactive videos, including the videography, to advertised flatlay pieces, this can involve being the model, doing the make up, hair and styling, taking the shot and post production (editing).
  • Fitness. Not only is the gym part of my healthy lifestyle and an integral as part of maintaining a certain appearance, every day I train I generally advertise whatever gym gear I’m wearing or workout I’m doing so it falls into the content creation bracket.
  • Product development. Devising the creative idea, formulation, pigmentation, scent and everything that makes an existing product unique to my brand. Seeking suppliers, obtaining and actioning samples from manufacturers, designing packaging with a graphic designer, shooting campaign imagery, gaining stockists, delegating distribution and in store visits.
  • Processing orders. This can involve signing and sending books, compiling giveaways or working in the warehouse when I’ve launched a product.
  • Events. Attending press launches and parties. Networking, creating content surrounding new launches and representing brands I’m involved with.
  • Interviews. These can be over email for print media, over the phone for radio or in studio for the likes of a podcast.
  • Public speaking. Travelling around the country to give seminars and entrepreneur chats which involve planning a Powerpoint presentation and discussing my brand in front of an audience.
  • Masterclasses. Traveling for pharmacy or salon visits to give make up or skincare demos, meet and greets or launch new business openings.
  • Workshops. Devising the set up, executing the idea, the event management, promotion, hiring of hotels and goodie bags.
  • Negativity. A huge part of my job online is to receive daily snaps, comments or articles online that contain nasty or hateful words, judging what I do or picking my appearance apart.
  • Validation. For every negative comment there’s 99 positive. My online space is a community of women who enjoy what I do and the content I create and mention it daily.
  • Planning. Every day, week, month and year I make a to do list. My overall aim is to create daily content that enables my brand to launch at least two products and collaborate with two major brands a year. I make personal and professional targets like making a certain amount of NET profit by the end of the year.

Joanne xoxo

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