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Snow storm survival guide

So the Beast From The East and Storm Emma are having a row outside and you’ve eaten the contents of your cupboards. You can’t even see the snowman you built when the snow was a novelty and Netflix has been exhausted. Here are some things you can do to get you through the storm.

  • Catch up on work. Complete the admin you’ve been too busy to do; clear your inbox, and return the calls you’ve been putting off.
  • Read a book. Look at your shelves like a library, put on the kettle and snuggle up.
  • Download new music. Take this opportunity to update your playlist and find new artists.
  • Clear out your wardrobe. I’ll be tackling mine today; remember to be ruthless, chose a charity to give your unwanted items to and get organised.
  • Depop. Photograph the items you want to sell that are too good to give away.
  • Binge watch Netflix. Just keep binging. Re-watch Friends or Sex & The City.
  • Plan a holiday. With freezing temperatures outside there’s no better time to book something hot and exotic.
  • Online shopping. Whether you’re just browsing or adding to your collection, enjoy the process with a glass of wine.
  • Try out new recipes. Use some unwanted ingredients, experiment and bake.
  • Nap. Repeat.
  • Re-decorate your house. Plump cushions, clean, and re-arrange items.
  • Pamper yourself. Run a bath, light some candles and do a full facial, manicure and pedicure. Exfoliate.
  • Scrapbook. Sort out your memory box and photographs. Print some recent snaps from online and frame them.
  • Workout. Find something online that’s easy to follow and breaks a sweat. Don’t break anything.
  • Make lists. From a food shop to goals you want to achieve this year, now’s the time.
  • Get creative. Sketch, paint, doodle, colour in.
  • Meditate.
  • Podcast. Find new people to listen to and learn something new.
  • Board games. If you have any, play them, if not grab a deck of cards.
  • Write down some gratitudes, starting with the fact you’ve a roof over your head.

Joanne xoxo

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