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Miss Fit Life launch The D


As you guys know I am a Brand Ambassador for Miss Fit. The Miss Fit brand is all about offering products that compliment and improve an overall healthy lifestyle. With a goal to empower women to take control of their lifestyle choices including diet and fitness, it really was the perfect fit for my following. I mentioned that the brand would be expanding their range and launching some very exciting products, one of which launched today. Considering today is #worldmentalhealthday this product has hit shelves at the perfect time of year. Did you know that most people in Ireland (1 in 8) are Vitamin D deficient? This deficiency is linked to depression, SAD, anxiety, IBS, dementia, even migraine, and other autoimmune diseases. As a result everybody needs and benefits from Vitamin D and requires supplementation because it cannot be obtained from food, and a person would need to spend at least 20 mins each day bare skinned and without sunscreen to get Vitamin D benefits from the sun. 


Miss Fit have devised a Vitamin D supplement that can be taken daily. The benefits of taking The D can include boosting your immune system, strengthening bones and teeth, fighting depression and even keeping disease at bay. If you’re experiencing aching bones, feeling down in the dumps, weak or excessive sweating, some studies have shown you could be deficient in The D. This product is the strongest on the market (3000IU) and is fat soluble, so to be absorbed it must contained within a fat. The D is soaked in cold pressed olive oil for that reason, so unlike other forms of Vitamin D on the market that are powdered, this is the most highly absorbable. Aside from the obvious health benefits of a Vitamin D supplement the great news is there are no side effects. Vitamin D is also stored for a long time in the body, so missing a day or two is fine but it’s also perfectly safe and advised to take daily. You can also never have too much Vitamin D, in fact it’s more dangerous to be deficient in the D. The D is available on shelves from Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide now.

*I am an active Brand Ambassador for Miss Fit, but this particular post is not a paid for ad. I only promote products I believe in and benefit from myself, but I am not a registered dietician. The above information has been provided by the brand and it is always worth investigating before taking a supplement of any kind. 

Joanne xoxo

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