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Cleanmarine For Women Month 2 #AD

In case you’re new to this blog segment, I have been trailing Cleanmarine for Women, an all-in-one Omega 3, Phytonutrient and Vitamin blend designed to offer nutritional support to women especially around the time of your period for two months now. Here are some interesting facts about Cleanmarine For Women. It’s an Irish Brand, based in Wicklow which contains no artificial colours, it’s also gluten and sugar free. Cleanmarine For Women is also MSC Certified for sustainability. It’s also Halal Certified by Department of Halal Certification Europe AND tested Sports Safe. The capsules come in a handy blister pack which means I can pop them in my handbag when travelling.

I’m about to enter my second cycle taking Cleanmarine For Women and wanted to give you all an update in case you’ve been missing my Instagram content. In the lead up to my first menstruation time I noticed I was feeling less anxious. Maybe it’s the effects of the Vitamin B1 and B6 which contribute to normal psychological function. My usual sugar cravings were there, so I was still reaching for a little dark chocolate on occasion, but overall I felt a real lift in my mood in the lead up to my period where it usually tends to dip for a couple of days. In the lead up to my second cycle I’m feeling full of beans. I had been traveling and working on the road a lot which would usually leave me feeling wiped when I get home, but not this time. Taking 2 capsules per day consistently (I take it with breakfast each morning) means you’re getting Vitamin B1 which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism and Vitamin B2 which contributes the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Having more consistent energy levels means I can keep up with busy workload without having to schedule a much recovery time, a real productivity bonus! As I mentioned in my last Instagram update, although I’m working longer days, my sleep is better and I’m waking earlier without feeling groggy. Prior to taking this product, my energy levels during my menstruation were at an all time low and the last thing I felt like doing was working out. Now, I find the consistency in my energy levels and mood means I look forward to a morning run or gym session and get it out of the way earlier.

So, in terms of the main differences I’ve noticed this month, I really feel my energy levels have improved and my overall mood has been great. I’m really interested to note any further changes because, from your feedback (which has been fantastic), month 3 is when you can really start to notice changes in your skin. Cleanmarine For Women also contains Vitamin B2 which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and I know a lot of you have been commenting on how clear and healthy my skin has been looking lately which is amazing. After featuring a Question Box on stories last week your own experiential feedback have been incredible. Followers have shared stories of changes in mood, energy and skin too! Most followers have also noted a negative difference if they stop taking Cleanmarine For Women which is a true testament to its benefits. I look forward to sharing more updates with you all next month.

* This post is in sponsored collaboration with Cleanmarine For Women


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