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17 changes in 2017

Happy New Year beautiful, welcome to 2017 and my first motivational Monday blog post. For those of you who follow me on Snapchat themakeupfairy you’ll have watched me discuss my thoughts on how social media has changed, and my suggestion to unfollow negativity and instead watch people who inspire you to lead a more positive life. With that being said I’ve come up with 17 changes I want to make this year to improve my own life. I don’t believe in resolutions, but change is always welcome and the only way we can grow and develop into happier humans. What adaptations are you planning on making this year? If you’re looking for a new diary or stationary to get started I’ve also included some of my favourite suggestions below.

1. Unfollowing negative people or people that annoy me on social media. Choosing to follow people who brighten my day and inspire me to lead a happier life.


2. Taking regular social media breaks and generally not feeling the pressure to post as much content. This includes social media or Snapchat free days where I read, write or learn in my spare time instead of being on my phone.


3. Focusing on quality over quantity with everything I put my mind too. This includes my website work, workouts and time spent with family and friends.


4. Getting into the best shape of my life and exceeding my own expectations. I’m training intensely at the moment and sharing my journey with you all.


5. Traveling as much as possible. I’ll be making a travel bucket list for this year and urge you to do the same.


6. Working and spending more time in London. I’ll be over twice this month which I’m really excited about. Instead of nights out in Dublin I’ll be saving for weekend trips away here.


7. Revamping my content and focusing on more motivational updates as opposed to generic reviews and saturated blogger posts.


8. Launching my new shop site and revealing my next secret project which will be ready in February. This includes expanding on my Enchant brand and releasing exciting additions to my line.


9. Watching and listening to educational and inspiring content as opposed to mindless trash or entertainment, and reading at least one book a month.


10. Learning to DJ; I’m so passionate about dance music this has always been a dream of mine, so this is the year I plan on making it happen. I’ll also be sharing more music suggestions and workout playlists on my Spotify and Twitter.


11. Continuing to do charity work and give back weekly whether it’s product hampers or clothes donations.


12. Socialising in more unconventional ways; less clubs, drinking and generic dinner dates and more adventure.


13. Doing more things that scare me or take me out of my comfort zone and constantly challenging my structured mindset.


14. Completing a very challenging but exciting fitness goal which I will be revealing soon.


15. Reach my savings target for this year. I have quite a big personal decision to make this which my savings will be going towards.


16. Focus more on Youtube videos and improve my editing skills. My videos will be returning this week, who’s excited?!


17. Start my own events again and tour Ireland. I’ve planned a really exciting and different workshop for you all which will be announced soon.

Joanne xoxo

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