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16 highlights from 2016

As I finish up in the office for 2016 I decided to compile a final blog post detailing some of the best bits from this year. I think it’s so important to reflect in a positive manner; appreciate the things you’ve achieved and smile at memories past. Here are 16 happy highlights from 2016, what are yours?

1. My book Fairy Tales remaining a bestseller in Ireland and completing my book tour.
2. Signing with the UK agency WAR.
3. Flying to London to model for the Scantily lingerie campaign which embraced diversity and reached publications all over the world including The Huffington post and Cosmopolitan.
4. Flying over and working with brands like Mac, The Body Shop, Cocoa Brown, Easilocks and Benefit in London.

5. Becoming the Renault Belgard Ambassador and driving dreamy cars.
6. Reaching my fitness goals; maintaining a curvy but fit size 10 year round, and most importantly falling in love with healthy eating, the gym and finally obtaining balance.
7. Becoming a lifestyle Ambassador for Miss Fit.
8. Holidaying with the girls in Ibiza, seeing so many of my favourite dance DJs, watching the sunset at Café del Mar and experiencing Ushuaïa at night.

9. Reaching 100,000 followers.
10. Working with the Royal Carribean, going on my first cruise, and getting to travel to stunning locations like Bermuda, St.Maarten, Puerto Rico and Haiti.
11. Starting back horse riding and placing 3rd in my first dressage competition.
12. Launching my own line Enchant. Expanding my team from just me to working with distributors, suppliers, graphic designers, photographers and learning so much about business along the way with my accountant.

13. Fairy Wands selling out online in minutes twice before Christmas.
14. Taking part in swimrise with The Happy pear in December (the coldest month of the year).
15. Winning the Best Company Beauty Blog, Best Beauty Blog, and Best Beauty Tutorial.
16. Being nominated for the UK Blog Awards next year.

Joanne xoxo

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