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Squat proof leggings, the low down

Have you ever been in the middle of a squat set or out running and your leggings start to loosen. The pair you thought were super stylish are now super see through? So many brands have amazing prints and look great online but don’t pass the actual activity test. As a curvy girl there’s a lot of requirements when it comes to training tights. For me the keys things I look out for are:

  • High waisted enough to suck in my love handles, flatter my tummy and stay up.
  • Good quality enough to ensure they don’t stretch and change colour on the bum or thighs.
  • Thick enough to not show a camel toe or sweat patches in unsightly places.
  • Breathable enough to feel comfortable during high intensity training.
  • Tightly fitted enough on the ankle area with material that washes well.

Here are my Top 3 picks from Nike which quite literally tick all of the above boxes. The brand as a whole always performs and stands the test of time.

My other favourite brands include Sweaty Betty, Gym Shark and lululemon all well worth investing in.


Joanne xoxo

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