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Shopping for supportive sports bras


Investing in fit fashion is something I used to despise prior to my transformation. I spent all my money on dresses for nights out and popped on the same black leggings and vest top for the very rare occasion I decided to workout in the form of a Zumba or Pilates class. Considering I didnt even have a gym membership at the time, I didnt care for spending money on sportswear. Now, my daily dress code is gym gear, in fact I probably own more gym gear than night out dresses now and my wash basket is 95% exercise attire. I get more excited about a new pair of neon leggings than I do about a pair of jeans. Since changing my outlook on fitness and sticking to my routine, working out is a huge part of my week and as a result Ive invested in some staples that make me feel bright and bubbly heading to the gym. My theory is that if you feel gorgeous in what you wear on the outside youll feel better on the inside, which can in turn aid your training. If you wear the wrong gym gear your session will be uncomfortable, spent pulling up ill-fitting leggings, pulling down tight tops and embarrassed by ill fitting sports bra and  bouncing boobs. If you wear the right gym gear youll focus on the task at hand, perform better and feel more at ease with how you look in those horrific floor to ceiling magnified mirrors.

Not to mention the fact that fitness fashion is a huge phenomenon, ever since Instagram accounts became filled with healthy eating, mini workout videos and beautiful bums, brands have become more adventurous with their collections and now theres something to suit everyone. I personally adore clashing colours, pretty patterns and matching my ensemble to my runners. I think you can afford to spend less on items like coloured crops, vests and runners for days when you’ll be focusing on areas such as upper body but you need to spend more on items like sports bras, leggings that will retain their shape and good supportive runners for cardio classes and high impact training. Whatever your budget, fitness fashion should be fun and help motivate you to hit the gym. If youre spending money on a gym membership and workout wardrobe additions then youre more likely to enjoy attending your sessions because youre putting efforts in every area to make this work. 

One of my most frequently asked questions is where to get good sports bras; the best brands, sports bras for a bigger bust and ones that will withstand the burpee test without those bouncing boobs. A good sports bra is essential if you’re running or working out. From weight training to HIIT or LISS there’s nothing worse than crap quality bras that dig into back fat, show too much cleavage or give you an unflattering flattened look. There are two types of supportive options out there, which include encapsulating and compression. Encapsulating support sports bras are made with cups on either side to support 360 movement. Compression bras are more common, working on holding the boobs in place to prevent bouncing up and down. The wrong compression bra can give you a ‘uni-boob’ so be cautious. As a result, I personally find encapsulating more supportive especially for larger boobs, but once you’re investing in a good brand both work really well for fitness. I’ve included my top ten picks including some of my favourite tried and tested bra brands.

Joanne xoxo

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