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Chanel unboxing + designer bag buying tips

Owning a Chanel bag is the ultimate designer dream for most fashionistas; something I heavily considered for over two years. With so many covetable options and hefty price tags available it’s a daunting task to say the least, and not something I took lightly. I promised myself if I reached certain career goals and targets at the end of last year I would finally invest. There’s something very ‘independent woman’ about reaching a milestone and treating yourself. I wanted the magical moment to be memorable so I chose the Chanel boutique in Harrod’s on my recent trip to London which I spent celebrating my birthday, one I’ll now never forget.

Although the price tag will make you take a generous gasp in horror, one thing to note is that Chanel increases in value by around 20% every year, so whatever purchase you make it’s a solid investment. The Classic Jumbo Flap was $1,795 back in 2006 and now retails at over $5,500 for example. Certain styles also go for extortionate prices online so you could really make a mark up in a few years if that’s the approach you want to take. Alternatively it’s an incredible hand me down to give your daughter one day.

Although on trend, new season bags are extremely eye catching, you should consider your chances of re-selling your purchase one day. I fell in love with the latest turquoise and bronze Boy Bag because it matches my brand colours but knew I would get very little wear out of it. The more complex the material, the more obscure the hardware and bold the colour the harder it may be to wear or sell and keep in tip top condition. Tweed, python and lambskin for example naturally fray and mark and can look old well before their time, even if you treat your bag with the utmost care.

For that reason I chose the timeless Medium Classic Flap Bag in black caviar leather with gold hardware. This iconic combination is not only recognisable, never out of fashion but also avoids leather damage and scratches making it easy to wear and look better with age as it softens. The size is important too; I wanted a transitional bag, one I could take from day to night that would fit all of my essentials without being too small for my camera or too large on dinner dates.

The whole process of buying your first Chanel is a moment you’ll never forget. I was taken into a glamorous back room within the boutique and shown the bag in detail while the shop assistant talked me through the key points to consider. After making my final decision I was offered champagne and water to calm my nerves and celebrate. The unboxing alone is a memorable experience and something worth doing with a friend or family member. It’s safe to say my Chanel traveled closely with me for the remainder of my journey and was treated like a child on the plane home.

Joanne xoxo

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