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Before you buy the bag

After featuring a couple of new bags on Instagram earlier, I asked if you lovely lot wanted to see more hauls or enjoy designer unboxing style content. I often find people say they miss seeing that kind of activity online, but overall it doesn’t go down well, in Ireland anyway. However, instead of simply ‘showing off’ new items, I think it’s important that we articulate things we’ve learned along the way, so other people don’t waste their hard earned cash. Buying a bag should be an experience and investment you’ll always remember; for me a bag represents hard work and independence. Considering I only buy clothes from the high street, it’s my little treat to myself (bar shoes, which I’ll cover in another post). I have some tips and some regrets I wish someone had shared with me, so here are the designer do’s and don’ts I would suggest sticking to, from my experience.

DO invest in classic colours and timeless pieces. Black, nude, tan, silver and gold will always work with any outfit.

DON’T buy trend driven pieces that are logo heavy; they tend to date quickly and are more likely to be knocked off on the high street.

DO buy in store when parting with a lot of money. When I bought my first Chanel I wanted the whole thing to be an experience, so I went into Harrod’s in London, sipped some champagne with one of the girls and made it a moment to remember.

DON’T get your initials on your new purchase. I made this mistake with my first Louis Vuitton – I was so excited at the prospect of owning a Speedy that I immediately branded JL on the bag. Now I never use said bag and can’t sell it on, so think longterm.

DO read reviews online. I impulse purchased a velvet YSL bag from NET-A-PORTER, that evening I took it on it’s first outing to LFW and a couple of rain drops hit the outside causing a burn-like stain. When I researched online, lots of other people had the same issues with the material so I sent it back.

DON’T invest huge money in velvet, the above incident is a perfect example. It’s a material you literally can’t bring out in adverse weather conditions or spill a drink on, it also shows marks and scratches really quickly.

DO choose caviar leather. I have a Chanel card holder that has been battered and bruised in my bag for about 4 years now and it’s still PERFECT. The texture in the leather, unlike lambskin wears incredible well.

DON’T buy designer luggage, but do invest in a good carry on case. Remember, once you check in a bag it runs the risk of being lost and flung into a plane getting scratched and filthy, it also attracts attention. You can protect your carry on, which means it can afford to have a good shelf life.

DO keep an eye on the sale. January sales in store and seasonal sales online mean designers often reduce their pieces by 60-80%, meaning you can bag yourself a serious bargain.

DON’T buy something you won’t wear with pride every time it gets an outing. If you love it now, but can’t see yourself using it in a year or two, or passing it onto your daughter in years to come, don’t splash that cash.


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