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  • How to get back on track

    We all fall off the bandwagon from time to time. After I returned home from Ibiza I had copious amounts of...

    The Make Up Fairy27/08/2016
  • Why I hate the word influencer

    I rarely feel compelled to write rant style articles or vocalise negative thoughts, but over the past few days I’ve been bursting...

    The Make Up Fairy26/08/2016
  • West Cork travel guide + photo diary

    Evening beautiful, as promised I’m back with my West Cork travel guide and photo diary. I kept you all up to...

    The Make Up Fairy18/07/2016
  • My top 10 song suggestions

    If you’ve been following me on Snapchat you’ll know that the weather in West Cork has taken a turn for...

    The Make Up Fairy16/07/2016
  • Workout from anywhere in the world

    Hello fit fairy followers, this blog is brought to you from stunningly sunny Ballydehob, West Cork. I’m spending some valuable family...

    The Make Up Fairy14/07/2016
  • How to get through a bad day

    What a miserable Monday out there, somewhat suitable for today’s topic. Bad days, we all get them and they’re far from pleasant....

    The Make Up Fairy04/07/2016