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Perfecting my smile with My Dental #collab

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that at the end of last year I had a couple of minor smile perfections made at My Dental. Over the years I’ve had braces for straightness, some composite bonding and at home tray whitening, but still looked into getting veneers to really fill out my smile. 

After an initial consultation with my assigned dentist Maria (who came highly recommended, her dental work is incredible) I described exactly what I wanted to achieve and was advised against porcelain veneers. Maria felt my own teeth were so healthy and straight that it would be completely unnecessary. One of the areas I was most concerned about was two of my upper molars – barely noticeable to most but a pet peeve for me. When I was a teenager my orthodontist at the time removed two big teeth to create space before applying train tracks which left my upper back teeth ever so slightly gapped, with a sunken in look where the said molars were located. When I smiled I would notice a dark shadow and gap instead of a full white smile. Maria suggested simply adding two non-prep veneers to those teeth to widen the corners of my smile and fill in these gap like areas. 

Here’s a breakdown from My Dental of exactly what non-prep veneers are. ‘Until relatively recently, veneers were a fairly one dimensional product, but all that’s changed with the arrival of Ultra Thin Veneers also referred to as non-prep veneers. These new veneers are so thin that our dentist can bond them directly onto the surface of the front teeth. Because they are so thin the teeth do not have to be shaved which means that there’s no drilling involved which means no anaesthetic either leaving your original teeth untouched. To give you an idea of how thin they are, think of a contact lens, it really is the last work in discreet treatment. But while ultra thin veneers might lack bulk, they definitely don’t lack strength – you can trust them completely for eating, biting and all the normal chores that your teeth carry out for you.’

After my consultation, diagnosis and treatment plan I received an X-Ray, general periodontal cleaning and a gingevectomy on one tooth. This is a soft tissue grafting procedure to higher the gum and showcase more of my natural tooth ahead of the non-prep application. This particular treatment is extremely popular for those who suffer from a ‘gummy smile’ and offers insane results. Maria did a mock up of my veneers, followed by a wax up model for my ultra thin veneers. As you can see there’s a lot of behind the scenes to what seems like a simple enough adaptation and the price is allocated accordingly. The whole process takes a few months.

Once my non-prep veneers returned ready to apply I couldn’t get over just how tiny and thin they were, it’s almost like applying a fake nail; the thin white substance simple bulks up your existing tooth without any damage. The whole procedure only took about an hour and the only discomfort was having to keep my mouth held open with a guard to ensure my gums were protected and the tooth remained free of moisture for adhesion. I love the idea that God forbid I lost a non-prep that my own natural tooth is perfectly in tact beneath, even though this is highly unlikely. After the procedure I had zero pain and barely noticed the new additions, however they made a huge difference to my smile especially in pictures.

I’m delighted with my results and how such a simple and natural change meant I could avoid a full set of veneers. In terms of cost, my whole treatment plan came to just over €6,200 (naturally this will fluctuate depending on your personal needs). If you’re interested in enquiring about a new smile, whether it’s straightening, gum work, whitening, non prep, or full veneers I’m extremely happy to recommend My DentalYou can get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling 016144570.

* This post is in collaboration with My Dental. Joanne only features treatments she is 100% happy with and feels comfortable recommending.

Joanne xoxo

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