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Lisa Lancôme

Lisa Lancôme

An incredibly talented make up artist who uses her outstanding technical virtuosity to express her highly modern sensibility, Lisa Eldridge has rapidly become an essential name in make up, sought out by the world’s greatest photographers, regularly working with the most prestigious magazines and major luxury fashion brands. This trail blazing expert is of course recognised among her peers, but she is also the first member of the closed circle of international make up artists to become a popular figure, adulated by millions of women across the world who truly trust her. The reason why? In 2009 she created a unique blog. Inspired one New Year’s Day, she began work on a genre breaking support tool, flying in the face of a didactic or prescriptive approach. In the site’s inaugural video, the make up artist appears bare faced, sharing her secrets to erase the reminders of a festive ‘night before’, with pragmatism, generosity and humour. A guide to the art of camouflage and artifice? Far from it. Lisa’s blog is all about well being, offering practical tips on how to look gorgeous in a few short minutes and start the new year feeling happy and good about yourself. Because, with Lisa Eldridge, it’s all about you, not trends taken from catwalk shows or this season’s it shade, but answers to highly concrete questions that women ask her. Never categorical or universal, adapted to beauty’s full diversity. Technique is always key, but accessible enough to make your own. And, lastly, pleasure; the delight felt by today’s over a million subscribers every time she publishes a new YouTube video. The pleasure of learning, but also of watching and listening. Watching the precise, meticulously choreographed movements of Lisa Eldridge’s hands and listening to the warm and soothing tone of her voice watching a Lisa Eldridge tutorial is a moment of pleasure, as addictive as it is instructive. Beauty aligned with pleasure, promoting happiness and well being?

Lisa Lancôme

Lisa and Lancôme simply had to meet. But this meeting had already taken place 20 years earlier, when Lisa worked as a beauty advisor at the Harrods Lancôme counter. Back then, who ever would have thought that Lancôme would one day name her make up Creative Director. Certainly not her, despite her potential to become women’s fairy godmother of beauty. Perhaps Kate Winslet, the Lancôme ambassadress having always trusted Lisa with her make up. Working with the French beauty Maison, Lisa will create products and collections perfectly aligned with the ‘effortless chic’ that forms her shared signature with Lancôme. She will also craft application gesture techniques and tutorials designed to make women’s lives easier and turn make up into a source of liberation rather than a constraint, another benevolent vision that she shares with the brand. Whether natural or high coloured, her use of make up is always designed to make women look and feel beautiful. Because Lisa is not interested in outdated beauty precepts: she prefers common sense. Except perhaps three golden rules: choose between eyes OR lips, buy products that illuminate your face after trying them out in natural light and, first and foremost, a beautiful complexion is key. ‘Lisa and Lancôme, immediately appeared evident for us, explains Françoise Lehmann, General Manager of Lancôme International. We share the same values, the same desire to provide to women the keys to a more intimate and deep sense of beauty, rather than one that is solely on the surface. A style of beauty that removes itself from a purely materialistic vision of femininity to one that is aspirational and influential.’ ‘It’s an honour to be named make up Creative Director at Lancôme, a brand with an incredible heritage, impeccable style and genuine integrity. We are designing a brand new Paris Make Up Atelier and I can’t wait to start creating new collections, shades and products, as well as posting the amazing on-line content we have in mind. This truly is an exciting new adventure. ‘ Lisa Eldridge.


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