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  • Fashion
    The perfect pom-pom pieces

    I’m currently sitting on a train ahead of my Tralee masterclass. With almost four hours to kill I’ve finished all admin...

    The Make Up Fairy28/05/2016
  • Lifestyle
    My top tips for staying motivated

    Hello beautiful, today I’m sharing with you my ultimate motivational Monday blog post. Everyday I’m asked the same questions ‘How do...

    The Make Up Fairy23/05/2016
  • Lifestyle
    The cutest affordable home decor

    I’m obsessed with interior design; while I continue to save up for my mortgage I have a folder dedicated to household...

    The Make Up Fairy15/05/2016
  • Fashion
    Marc Jacobs Recruit Collection

    There’s some very exciting things launching in Fairy land this year (you have no idea how hard it is keeping my...

    The Make Up Fairy13/05/2016
  • Beauty
    My everyday make up must haves

    If you guys are following me on Snapchat you’ll know that I regularly mention some of my holy grail products. The...

    The Make Up Fairy13/05/2016
  • Fashion
    H&M Forever Summer 2016

    Happy Monday muffins. Where the hell is our heatwave?! While I was working up a sweat in the gym at lunch...

    The Make Up Fairy09/05/2016
  • Beauty
    A night with Alesha Dixon & Flormar

    Last night the beauty elite arrived at The Crypt, greeted by samba drums, fire throwers, floral wall decor and dancers to celebrate...

    The Make Up Fairy06/05/2016
  • Beauty
    My top 6 Summer scents

    Well hello there sunshine, I hope you’re all enjoying this glorious Tuesday. I recently featured some of my go to scents...

    The Make Up Fairy03/05/2016
  • Beauty
    Birchbox the ultimate beauty box

    Happy Friday muffins, what a beautiful day out there albeit I’m merely admiring the sun through the window of my office....

    The Make Up Fairy22/04/2016
  • Fashion
    The perfect evening clutch

    I’ve been on the hunt for a fancy evening bag that will hold my minimal essentials, add enough detail to any...

    The Make Up Fairy15/04/2016
  • Fashion
    Lidl launch fitness fashion

    Happy Tuesday, I’m so glad the sun has returned to Ireland after a seriously wet few days. I recently featured some...

    The Make Up Fairy12/04/2016
  • Lifestyle
    My Top 10 dream holiday destinations

    After taking the weekend off and spending it exploring the gorgeous Galway I began to truly appreciate how beautiful Ireland is....

    The Make Up Fairy07/04/2016
  • Lifestyle
    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

    Today marks the start of a new ten week programme. Well, I say ten weeks but I intend on sticking to...

    The Make Up Fairy21/03/2016
  • Beauty
    My current favourite foundations

    Everyday my social media accounts contain comments asking what foundation I’m wearing and my inbox is filled with questions regarding my favourite...

    The Make Up Fairy16/03/2016
  • Beauty
    Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Tutorial

    Hi muffins, I’m back with another highly requested palette tutorial. The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita is one of my holy grail...

    The Make Up Fairy10/03/2016
  • Beauty
    Nia Natural Irish Beauty Products

    There’s two things I love working as a beauty blogger; discovering new skincare, and supporting Irish brands. Hand made in Limerick, Nia uses...

    The Make Up Fairy10/03/2016
  • Fashion
    Designer dreams and handbag heaven

    I’m a firm believer in visualisation as a means to work towards what you want. Some may call it ‘The Secret’...

    The Make Up Fairy06/03/2016
  • Lifestyle
    Catch up: Curvy Kate & Cocoa Brown

    I’ve spent the past two days catching up on work after an incredible week long trip to London which included my first UK photoshoot...

    The Make Up Fairy05/03/2016